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Default Re: The "how" thread

1.Music: I was insanely inspired by mid-1960s hard-rock and British Invasion material. Groups like the Beatles,Yardbirds,Cream,Jimi Hendrix Experience,Rolling Stones,early Deep Purple with Rod Evans as vocalist were then and still are big influences on me.
2.Drummer:When I first heard Ginger Baker play Toad and Mitch Mitchell play the entire first Jimi Hendrix LP,I figured that the drums was the instrument for me. Also,I'd like to mention being inspired by seeing Dino Danelli with the Rascals on TV,twirling his sticks and looking like he was having the time of his life along with appearances of Carmine Appice with Vanilla Fudge,also playing his heart out...awe inspiring still...
3.Person: No particular person.
4.Style: Progressive Rock because it covers just about everything.
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