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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name- Chase
age- 14
how long been playing- 5 1/3 yrs
origin of user name- I'm a very talented and good drummer, and play many types of music
top5 drummers- Dennis Chambers, Virgil Donati, Jason Bittner, Lars Ulrich, and Buddy Rich.

make of drumkit- Ludwig
make of cymbals- Zildjian
where do you practice- room, on pillows, on every surface, and school.
are you in a band- no
covers or originals- mostly originals
what style of music- any- mostly rock or metal though
favorite take out food- chinese
one really odd fact about yourself- I want to become a pro baseball player or a pro martial artist or boxer besides a famous drummer

how did you get started- My dad'd side of the family has a whole line of musicians, famous ones. I played drums when i was really little , but had my first kit and wasn't used to play , but like bang on them. Then, i lost interest in them. I started playing guitar for a few yrs. Then, when i was nine i got into music very seriously and liked the way the drums sounded. They kept the band alive. So i started playing the drums. I was a slow starter. Not liking any metal at the time, or having any influences I really didn't kickoff until 6 th grade where i joined the school band. I saved 2 of our concerts when our best drummer didn't show up. Then, in 7th grade i got tons better. I played in my dad'd band a few times, playing Metallica at home with my junk kit. Then, when i entered 8th grade when i was 13 goin on 14, I really became good. I was our school's best band drummer. My dad's band's drummer gave me some videos of drummers. I got hooked on dennis chambers. I learned how to do triplets, and one footed rolls, even though he doesn't do it as fast as i can. I learned how to play awesome grooves and solos, and fast hands and feet. I haven't found a better drummer to learn off of yet, by far. A few months ago like in may i got Giant drum sticks that are bigger than baseball bats, and have gotten a lot faster and a lot stronger, and my one- footed rolls which i play on my right side of my foot on my right foot, on my toe came with training for boxing, and other sports. That's how i got started.