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Kudos to Travis for playing with some of the coolest country guys on the planet. Dwight Yoakam is a funky dude for sure, and I bet it was his idea to get Travis on there.

Quck! Who was the best musician on stage?

If you didn't answer Brad Paisley then y'all need to broaden your musical tastes a bit.

The slow shuffle part was played horribly, with those swiping hi-hat strokes. The kit itself was completely out of place sonically (not to mention visually, but hwo cares).

That was just really weird. Did anyone else notice that it wasn't rehearsed very well either? One song didn't start together (Travis came in late) and another one didn't end together (Travis stopped and then Billy Gibbons played some dumb embellishment riff at the end).

And if Reba has any more plastic surgery, her face might actually just fall off.
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