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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name- Ryan
how long been playing- 8 years
origin of user name- I love my PDP's =D
top 5 drummers- Mike Portnoy, Adrian Erlandsson, Jason Bittner, Steve Gadd, Terry Bozzio
make of drumkit- Pacific
make of cymbal-zildjian
where do you practice- School, basement, and by tapping on any/every surface nonstop
are you in a band- Yep
covers or originals-originals
what style of music- Prog Metal
favourite take out food- Chinese
country- USA
one really odd fact about yourself- I want to learn to play guitar.. *gasp!* But I would NEVER drop drums! =P
how did you start drumming- Grew up with a long family history of drumming. My dad got me into it at a very young age by buying me a snare drum for the concert band program at school. Although before that he was teaching me all kinds of rudiments and what not that I would just tap out on the table with my hands. Then finally, maybe 5-6 years ago, I actually got my first drum kit. It was a 1963 vintage Slingerland kit. I love that drum kit! We got it from my grandma's cousin. He was a Pro drummer many many moons ago. He also gave us a whole trunk full of percussion equipment, all of his cymbals (which my drum teacher and several vintage collectors around here claim to be Zildjian A cymbals from the early 70s, maybe late 60s. I still use a couple of those, and they sound awesome with my other A Customs. My cousin even gave me his old Speed King pedal! That thing flies! So yeah, I stopped using that kit this past winter and bought my PDP LX series kit in a Cherry-Black fade. Beautiful. And thats how it all started for me. =D
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