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Originally Posted by ajgdrums722
Carter Beauford is far and away my favorite drummer, and has been for years. He has influenced my playing like no other. I have every song from every DMB album (studio AND live) stored on my computer. I can identify 99.9% of DMB songs within the first few seconds of hearing it. I can't get enough of the band, or of Carter's playing.

I love the 'jam band' sound that DMB produces, and Cater's playing is just unbelievable. If you haven't heard much of him, let me suggest the following tracks...

-Ants Marching (Live At the Gorge or Live At Folsom Field)
-Tripping Billies (Live At the Gorge)
-Two Step (The Central Park Concert)
-Warehouse (The Central Park Concert) (Towards the end he does this double-time feel...INSANE.)

I'm going to see DMB this July (my second DMB show) and I can't wait. If you have the opportunity to see this band live, GO. They are unbelievable in person. Don't miss an opportunity to see one of the greats behind the kit...
I was just listening to the Central Park concert yesterday actually. I love his drumming during the jam in 'Two Step', sooo amazing.
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