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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

[quote=NUTHA JASON]Similar to the thread in the old DW forum, answer the following questions
(all optional)

real name-Mikkel Vesterager
how long been playing-almost 5 years
origin of user name-my own name
top 5 drummers- stanton moore, jeff queen, steve gadd, brian blade and jo jo mayer
make of drumkit-premier
make of cymbal-zildjian
where do you practiceŽ- at my schol and garage
are you in a band/s-not anymore i just moved
covers or originals-originals
what style of music-allŽ, mostly jazz/blues
favourite take out food-danish
one really odd fact about yourself- im danish
how did you start drumming-listening to blues in my dads car when i was a kid, it made me amazed about time keeping.
''music is a combination of silence and sound''