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Originally Posted by finnhiggins
I just can't find much to like about this album because everything that I hear on it has already been done, and done better.
by whom? I'd like to hear that. I'm not saying Tool is the best, but they're certainly different to a lot of what is around at the moment. OK I'll agree about the interchangeable thing, but does that make them bad musicians? OK so it's not a completely different sound from one album to the next, but how many artists do have a different sound from one album to the next? Not many that I know of.

Like I said, I think this is going to be a case of agree to disagree. Personally I really like 10,000 Days, and I absolutely love Lateralus and Aenima, particularly Disposition/ Reflection/ Triad from Lateralus as well as the title track, Parabola... hell... all of it's good.

I think at the end of the day this whole argument falls down to personal tastes and the way peoples tastes change over the years. I'm not going to sit here and tell you Mr. Bungle were crap, that's my personal opinion which is clearly different to yours, I just never liked Mike Patton's work (though to be fair I've not heard mcuh Fantomas). As far as being pretentious goes... I don't understand how music can be pretentious. I can understand the musicians being pretentious, but the music itself? The lyrics? IMO lyrics are written to fit music, and are inspired by something, like an event, and are written about as the writer sees and feels fit. If the implication were there that Maynard or Tool were so far superior to everything else ever then I could maybe understand, I just don't get how changing the time sig in a song could possibly be pretentious or writing songs about your mother being paralised for 27 years or having a segue on your album about someone who lived with you claiming to be a "friend of a friend" and it transpired they knew none of your friends etc etc can possibly be pretentious... perhaps I'm not seeing the wood for the trees?! If Tool had just released Lateralus and released 10,000 Days in 5 years when I'm 26 perhaps I wouldn't like 10,000 Days as much as I do right now? It just seems to fit into my world pretty well at the moment, and musically has inspired me to start working a bit more progressively and push the boundaries of what my band can do and will do. So in that respect I'm totally thankful to Tool. Can't wait to see em at Download either.
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