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Default Re: Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, etc...

I can't agree with you on your reply jollymosher. Putting a 6 to 8 inch hole in the bass drum will significantly reduce the amount of resonance from the bass drum, especially an 8 inch hole. Too much if you want to retain some boom. Putting that hole in the middle of the head will reduce the resonance even more, since most of the force from the impact of the beater on the batter head will be directed toward the center of the front head, so it does matter where the hole is placed. Also, reinforcing the hole from the inside is a good idea, but I wouldn't use electrical tape. It looks like crap if a light shines through the back of the kick drum and casts a shadow on the head. I cut a "donut" out of an old front head the same size as the hole and used contact cement to glue it onto the head around the hole. It reinforces the hole really well, looks neat and professional if lights from behind cast a shadow on the front kick head, and it doesn't change the sound at all.
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