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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Originally Posted by MAX ZNAEVSKY
Hey, Steve, i've got a question! What you can advice me, I'm gonna to record my drum parts for a new album soon, have found the studio with prices we can afford, they 've got a standart 5 piece kit (Premier Cabria, as I can remember..) there, a bunch of Shure and Audio-Technica's, and they've offered me to record all of the drum stuff on Telefunken 15track(+1 timecode) analog tape recorder, should I go for it, or it is easier to go for a digital recording to save a few $$$( cuz I think it'll take much more time mixing analog)? I should do two long songs with much of double bass work(12:00 and 17:00 minutes) and I afraid I'll not be able to record the whole song in one take. And is there any difference in quality between this two ways of recording?

Cant wait yer reply, thanx in advance....

Hey Max! You asked THE ETERNAL QUESTION among engineers/prodcuers/audiophiles. First off, I LOVE the warm sound that analog tape gives drums when they are recorded. Matt Sorum records to 2" analog tape before dumping the audio into Pro Tools for editing. That being said I am an avid Pro Tools user. Digital recording is soooo much easier to edit and mix than tape. I'm currently engineering preproduction rehearsals for Tommy's new project, "Supernova," and we've done three songs, all tracks in three days; all thanks to the editing power and speed of digital recording. You'll be able to record your longer songs in pieces, without any loss of feel or intensity. Full takes are always best, of course, but long songs like your's, are ultimately finished quicker when done on computer. Hope this helps, let me know how it goes! Late!
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