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Originally Posted by Robin
Here's a question that asked to Steve Lukather and his answer kinda explain what made Jeff so great!
My best friend has taught for 27 years. He was heavily influenced by Gadd, Seraphine and Jeff Porcaro. Dave told me:

"I've seen TOO many drummers RUIN a solid groove with too many notes. Get a basic
1/2/3/4 pattern going just snare and kick---and lock that down FIRST; the rest will follow."

The man is correct.
LUKE hit the nail SQUARELY on the head. I've said this before and I'll type it again just because. Two words in the English Language describe Jeff Porcaro's playing.

"Impeccably Elegant".

MASSIVE chops.....reigned in....for the sake of the groove---not that the chops never showed up-they DID--just quietly sometimes. Then there are times when his playing just rips the top of your head right off. ("Calling Elvis".... "I don't Hear You" (Boz), "How Many Times" -that fill 4:06 into it....). There's a Jazz Shuffle example on the Hal Leonard DVD----he demos that and then turns right around and applies it to a contemporary tune.
A JAZZ shuffle turned inside out! But THE best example of him turning things upside down?

"Jake to the Bone"..........COUNTING that is a pain in the @$$! It was all "feel".
There was a rockin' cat that NEVER once betrayed his Jazz roots, and those of us who remain are better for it.

Theresa B.
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