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Originally Posted by T-1000
If you have a reason to come back to the music, it means something stood out at you initially, therefore you did like the music at first.

And also, just listen to the Vicarious breakdown. There's the duhduhduhduh duh duhduh (to the rhythm of 'why don't we just admit it?'). Adam probably said: 'now that's pretty cool - but wait! It's in 4/4!? Oh heavens, because we like to think we're cleverer than all other rock bands, we'll add an extra 'duhduh' onto that phrase so it's now in 5/4, so it must be really deep and insightful.' Even though it sounds totally tacked on.

I never listen to the lyrics of any songs, because I like music, not poetry, but my friend and fellow band member tells me they embody pretentiousness. Besides, I'll never aquire the intelligence nesseccary to decipher Maynard 'Genius' Keenan's lyrics (I can't even spell 'nesseccary').
I disagree with everything you just said apart from the bit about liking something. I think we're going to have to agree to disagree on this. While I don't think the music Tool produce is sheer genius, I do enjoy the odd timings without it being too OTT to not enjoy. Wings Parts 1 and 2, IMHO, are superb. But they're not to your tastes, cool, whatever. I agree, Maynard is not a genius, but I do like his lyrics, I don't try to decipher them, I just sing along in the car or whatever or have a phrase which might stick in my head. This is normally the reason why I return to a song as it "grows" on me. I didn't actually like Wings 1 and 2 to start with, it grew on me as a result of liking the build up and the "give me my wings" line in the middle. I can't understand how his lyrics "embody pretentiousness" since at no point does he state how superior he or his band are to anyone else in this world. I've read stuff where he has come across as arrogant though, I'll give you that.
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