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Originally Posted by t-bone
hey steve.....i'm going back to a double kick set-up, and i'm noticing on that pic of tommy's kit, the 2 pedals to the left, but no he using a double pedal?
i'm thinking of doing that until i can pick up a couple of new pedals.......

and what else have you got coming up tech -wise in the near future??

and yes.....virgil donati is a freak of nature.....i'd give a testicle to play like that......
Hey T-bone! Tommy is using a double pedal on the 26 kick for the Motley tour. It's SOOOOO much easier(and consistent) for myself and the audio engineers to only have one kick to mic, tune, etc. I don't think it's any different than 2 kicks w/pedals; the 32" kick was going to be used, but no remote pedal could be designed to accommodate Tommy's setup.
As far as new work- I'm currently in the studio with Tommy and Supernova(engineering); we're doing a thing in Vegas this week, and I tech all of T's DJ gigs as well. So pretty much just full time with Tommy for the rest of the year. Hope that helps! Late!
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