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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Stephane
age? 23
how long been playing? 11 years
origin of user name? doubtful origin
top 5 drummers? Gadd, Weckl , Haynes, Cecarelli,
make of drumkit? Pearl smx, Mmx and mapex snare, HHx cymbals, and Vater sticks.
make of cymbal? Sabian
where do you practice? In all of the studios where I work, but not at home, I can't
are you in a band/s? yes
covers or originals?both
what style of music? rock, blues, jazz fusion
favourite take out food? french fries wih chicken
country? France
one really odd fact about yourself? don't understand the question
how did you start drumming? because of John Bonham and Matt Sorum when I was young.