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Maybe I will astonish you (because i'm french like Manu), but Manu Katché was a groovemaster.
With Sting, Gabriel, he was wonderful. But since 1 or 2 year, he's making bad TV show, not like a drummers, but like a judge for a show who name "research for the new star" (it's a translate from the french title). And you can imagine that this program not shown good music....

But it's not the problem, Katché is free to make what he want .... And may be this behavior is usual in USA for great muician, I don't know....
The real problem is that since he make this TV Show, we not ear a great Katché's drumming. In France he play with his Jazz band,'s tedious !!!

So, I hope it's a bad moment for him, and I hope he return to play with true musician, like Sting....
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