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Originally Posted by altered_beast

And to say about them being poor on the prouctivity rate... they toured Lateralus for two years, once the touring was done Maynard worked with APC, Danny worked with Pygmy Love Circus, Adam worked with the Melvins and I'm not sure what Justin Chancellor did...

If they'd just come off touring and not done anything for the following two years I could understand what you're saying. But I can't, cos you're wrong on that. It took them a year to write these songs according to Danny in his interview in the latest Rhythm magazine, so that'd leave them two years whereby they were all busy with other projects.
Right, but again we're going to have to contrast this with other bands out there. Let's look at Zappa - he managed to tour along with writing and arranging for considerably larger bands than Tool. And a lot of what he wrote was considerably more technically dense and layered. But in any given year he probably released about as much material as Tool produce in a decade, if not more.

Or there's Mr Bungle. Like Tool they pretty much only put an album out every four or five years during their lifetime as a band, and they always had to share Mike Patton with (the much bigger label priority) Faith No More. Other members had other gigs with John Zorn and others too. But each of their three albums was considerably more unique, varied and dense than this latest Tool album.

Two things to keep in mind:

* Coming off the back of Lateralus there were various interviews with Adam where he claimed they had another whole album worth of material they hadn't released on Lateralus which was written during the writing process for that album.

* The riff for 10,000 Days / Wings For Marie was being played regularly during the tours in 2002 between songs.

... so crediting them with writing the entire album in a year is maybe a bit wrong, considering that the primary musical material that makes up one 17-minute two-part song dates back to at least 2002.
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