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Originally Posted by CarterB_Junkie
The new album is absolutely incredible !

Godd Night Mate !

And to say about them being poor on the prouctivity rate... they toured Lateralus for two years, once the touring was done Maynard worked with APC, Danny worked with Pygmy Love Circus, Adam worked with the Melvins and I'm not sure what Justin Chancellor did...

If they'd just come off touring and not done anything for the following two years I could understand what you're saying. But I can't, cos you're wrong on that. It took them a year to write these songs according to Danny in his interview in the latest Rhythm magazine, so that'd leave them two years whereby they were all busy with other projects.

I'm not seeing the resemblance between Schism and Vicarious here either, other than Vicarious is the first single off the album as Schism was and has a bass roll at the end, the style of the music is completely different, where Schism felt moody Vicarious just... doesn't... perhaps I'm just not that observant?, and this "forced" 5/4 beat... what?! just to be pretentious? what exactly sounds forced about it?! It just sounds like a break down to me. I like it, in fact it was one of the first things I noticed about the song.

I'd agree about Adam Jones being limited, it's laughable at times... lots of bar chords and away we go... not even proper bar chords either, it's all drop D lol. Though I do still love Tool. A lot. I paid 70 to go see em at Download. I didn't even really want to go, but I couldn't get tickets for either of the London gigs.

One last thing, whoever it was said music doesn't grow on you... bull. Music does grow on you, but to an extent I agree, you need a reason to come back to it. A good example of this could be, say, "El Diablo" by Will Haven - I bought it when I saw them because I know and love "I've Seen My Fate". The rest of the album wasn't as instant for me. I now love it because I've listened to it a few times, purely to listen to "I've Seen My Fate" - as a result of listening to it several times, I now love it, hence it has grown on me.
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