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Originally Posted by T-1000
Yeah, 'the pot' uses the same chord sequence (in the same rhythm) as 'lateralus' (the song), 'vicarious' sounds a complete rip-off of 'schism' for much of it and then goes into an odd time signature break (5/4) that just sounds really forced into 5/4, just to make it 'prog' - which is plain pretentious.

'Jambi' is awesome.

Then what do we have? A couple of 'parabol' style drones, with no 'parabola' to make them worth listening to.

A five year wait, and the product is still lazy and rushed. My friend even thought it was a joke album - the real one would blow everyone away.

The Tool 'well' is running dry very fast; Maynard and co. now have no reason to be so completely up themselves.

The new album is absolutely incredible !

Godd Night Mate !
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