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Originally Posted by lfdy
Is that your explanation...that some songs resemble each other :s...

lots of bands re-use certain concepts/structures of good songs, and apply them in new songs. As long as the songs have a different feel to them, what's the problem?

IMO, 10,000 days is very different from lateralus. It has a lot more atmosphere, and building up, to it.
I'll buy the "It's a reworking in a different context" card if you're talking about Zappa, Miles Davis or John Coltrane - the kind of people who release records at a rate of 3-4 a year. If you're talking about a band that is lucky to squeeze out two albums a decade which each typically have less than an hour of actual music (which seems to average something like what... twelve minutes of music per year?) I'd reckon I'm less inclined to forgive them writing an eleven minute song which has four minutes of recycled riffs on it.

As for "Right in two"... head in to around 6:30 and tell me you're not hearing 46&2, go on...
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