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Originally Posted by finnhiggins
Well, just for a start Rosetta Stoned is about 30% Third Eye and H from Aenima, and Right In Two has some serious 46&2 lifts towards the end.
I reckon Right in Two is a great song - I love the progression from around 6.30 - 7.10. I cant really hear the likeness to 46&2. I agree with you about Rosetta Stoned. I think the album as a whole has a heavier and darker feel than Lateralus and Aenima. In any case - the drums on the album are superb. Danny's co-ordination and power never cease to amaze me. I'm looking forward to covering some of the new songs... I think arguably The Pot is one of the easier to play on drums. Could take me awhile tho hehe.
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