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Originally Posted by T-1000
Yeah, the new tool album is a bit rubbish really. I don't hate it because it's different, I hate it because it's THE SAME. Don't use the 'oh, it'll grow on you line', because, lets face it, that's a cop out, isn't it.
I dont think 10,000 Days sounds the same as any other Tool record. What songs on 10,000 Days are similar to others? Also what is wrong with the "it'll grow on you" line? I wouldn't ask anyone but a Tool fan to listen to it a few times before making a final decision - and you said in your post that you used to like Tool quite a bit.

Music does not grow on you - go by your initial reaction.
Alot of songs have grown on me - that is a pretty ridiculous statement, because it is subjective of a person's music listening habits.

10000 days features non-addictive rhythms, uninspired vocals, and especially pathetic winding, ambiant 'progressive' 'epics.' I'm sorry that Maynard's mother died, but, really, the only reason you'd listen to that toot would be out of sympathy.
The only reason I'd listen to Wings for Marie and 10,000 Days is because I think they are great songs. Your assesment of the rhythms, vocals and "pathetic windin, ambiant 'progressive' 'epics.'" is completely subjective.

Ok - we get it - your dissapointed with this release - thats fine. Alot of people are happy with it obviously, so maybe you should be a bit more careful with your choice of words. Apart from that, seriously if you think the songs are similar to thier old stuff, tell us your opinion so we can see. So we can discuss - and not just bash.
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