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Originally Posted by T-1000
Finns, I doubt that Adam Jones is a limited guitarist; shredding simply wouldn't sound overly great over tool's dark, tribal grooves. He's conservative, not limited. Live, he even plays the palm muted intro of 'the patient' on top of the keyboard effects bit, which he does with his foot. Hmmm...not only drummers can have independance...
No, I think he's pretty limited. Having seen him live three times I've seen copious mistakes and technical errors. He's not like, say, Tom Morello where you can see that he has great chops underneath all the weird noises and you know that he could bust out a whole heap of stuff outside of his personal style. Adam just appears to be a pretty seriously limited guitarist across the board. If you're a serious guitarist you can learn to do most of what he does in a convincing manner in 1.5-3 years.
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