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Finns, I doubt that Adam Jones is a limited guitarist; shredding simply wouldn't sound overly great over tool's dark, tribal grooves. He's conservative, not limited. Live, he even plays the palm muted intro of 'the patient' on top of the keyboard effects bit, which he does with his foot. Hmmm...not only drummers can have independance...

Yeah, the new tool album is a bit rubbish really. I don't hate it because it's different, I hate it because it's THE SAME. Don't use the 'oh, it'll grow on you line', because, lets face it, that's a cop out, isn't it. I liked Lateralus immdiately, I dislike this immediately. If I say to you, do you like the latest fall out boy tune, and you say no, I'm not exactly going to reply: it'll grow on you. Because no-one gives pop music a second chance, therefore, it has to be extremely good to make a first impression. Tool, have cleverly fooled people into giving their music a second chance by way of their 'cult' following, but, if you think about it; why should we?

Music does not grow on you - go by your initial reaction.

10000 days features non-addictive rhythms, uninspired vocals, and especially pathetic winding, ambiant 'progressive' 'epics.' I'm sorry that Maynard's mother died, but, really, the only reason you'd listen to that toot would be out of sympathy.

I used to really like tool, but their sound is becoming tired fast. Not even Danny can save them.
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