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Default Re: The Reverend

Tambian, dude, though I don't particularly like this band (I really dislike M. Shadow's sense of melody - seriously, all his tunes are ripped off, and when they aren't they're just directionless), you can hardly deny that 'the rev' is a bit special.

Absolutely watertight playing, extremely fast (so what if he wasn't the first to go over 200bpm; Thomas Lang wasn't the first to use 4 way independance - does that mean he's not any good at it!!?), very creative, I'd argue, actually playing patterns on the db, instead of mindless blasting.

I still think Blake Richardson is extremely good also, but, asides from that neat carribean-sounding groove on 'Laser Speed', he doesn't stike me as displaying any obvious jazz, or latin chops, and why should he? Blending genres can be, I think, a somewhat lazy way of trying to be creative. Making a fusion of jazz, metal, african, country, folk, krautrock, celtic, electronica may be original, but would probably sound pretty crap.

It's actually harder to be creative WITHIN your genre (in this case, metal/hard rock) than to cut and paste stereotypical patterns from other genres onto your songs. If you see what I mean, I think it's better to invent a nice groove in a rock song than to borrow a pre-existing groove from a genre other than rock for use in a rock song.
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