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Hi. Here's another transcription I'd like to share with the forum:


It's just the intro and first verse going into the first chorus. I can't play it anywhere near tempo, so I'm working on getting it down better before moving further into the tune.

Anyway, the thing I added to this transcription that I don't see in any tabs or any other transcriptions are Bonham's bell pattern variations. He changes the pattern up and adds little embellishments beyond just pinging out 8ths all day on his bell. In my opinion, it adds a very nice, perceptible spice to the groove and gives it alot of life beyond the basic pattern people probably learn for this groove. For me, it aso gives insight into additonal possibilities that can be tested out on the groove as well as material for variety so things don't get stale.

Another thing I added was notating the 1 bar fill going into the verse in triplet form. This fill really feels and sounds like medium/up-tempo swing to me (if you consider the 8th note subdivision in the hi-hat as a quarter note in medium/up-tempo swing), so I notated it as 16th note trips to emphasize this impression.

I play a 4 piece Ludwig kit, so this is adapted for my intrument. The notation might not be 100% standard, so please don't hesitate to ask if something looks weird or if you see another way something could have been played or notated.

I really don't know what time it was. So I asked them if I could stay a while.

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