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Originally Posted by bonzo_is_the_greatest
What a waste of a solo. Travis' new solo fue; or whatever sucks so much. I would have to be the worst solo i have ever seen, he is just playin a few simple rock beats and then there is like thousands of 14 year old girls screamin in the background. How did somebody with such little talent get such a good reputation? Can somebody please tell me!!!!!
dude, just because he played a simple solo doesn't mean he has "LITTLE TALENT" as you put it. i've seen and heard him play some really good stuff live. just because he wanted to rock out to some simple beats and have a good time doesn't mean he can't do any better.

i'm not one of those that thinks he is the greatest drummer or that he is even up to par with some of my favorite drummers, but i give credit when it is due. he is a good drummer. so you should calm down and rethink things before you start calling people "talentless".
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