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Originally Posted by onemat
Hey....I got a few of those drum set shirts on eBay, but they've been in the malls too. Liberty did a clinic a few years ago here in Nashville, during a vintage and new drum show. We talked for a few hours that day. I had previously met him in 1976 0r 1977 when the Turnstiles album was just out. I got to go to the taped show at Connecticut college they did with Billy. In the seventies Liberty and the others were pretty stuck up when they visited the music store I worked at, but when I recently met him he was super nice and great fun. He repeatedly talked about how lucky he was to get hooked up with Billy Joel and that there were many drummers out there who were not as lucky as he was. He's a hard hitter. I think during the clinic he mentioned Sabian will not give him any light weight cymbals for touring anymore, just heavy ones!
I'm going tohave my mom check on those shirts for me on Ebay...I'm sure if she finds one it will be 10 times to big...that's the trouble I have...I can't find any cool drum shirts in my story you have of your meetings with Liberty....I'll be happy when I'm grown up so I can get around and hopefully meet some more drummers.
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