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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Olle Frödin
age? 34 (born 1971)
how long been playing? since 1982, lost my right arm 2002 and play "Rick Allen style" since then. :)
origin of user name? Well...I am one armed! :)
top 5 drummers? John Bonham, Ian Paice, Mitch Mitchell, Rick Allen, Mick Tucker
make of drumkit? Roland TD-8 module and 3 V-drums pads, 2 Fütz pedals with Pintech triggers, Paiste & Masterwork cymbals, Gibraltar rack, Scorpion Grip sticks, Tama Iron Cobra pedal.
where do you practice? In the basement of my house
are you in a band/s? Well...the band has taken "a break"...but I don't think we'll get back together again...
covers or originals? Both!
what style of music? rock/blues/hardrock 70's style!
favourite take out food? Pizza, kebab and burgers...but not at the same time of course! :)
country? Sweden
one really odd fact about yourself? Hard for me to say...I'm odd all over! :D
how did you start drumming? I heard my sisters LP with Deep Purple..."machine head"...and after that I managed to convince my parents that I REALLY needed a drumkit!
J.H. Bonham rules!!
Who needs 2 arms to rock?