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Default Re: Jimmy Chamberlin

Well, this is my first post and seeing their is a thread dedicated to my first drumming hero I felt compelled to post! Without doubt he's been my most important influence aside from the fact that when a friend of mine introduced me to his playing on Siamese Dream I was instantly repelled by those amazing singles (used to be a sign that a drummer will become an influence if I'm repelled at first) but also the most perfect drum sound. His jazz influences mean his dynamics and the tones he gets from cymbals and drums are spot on, especially when compared to the hard hitting ethos of a lot of the new bands in circulation (making him a refreshing change) and he has the power to turn what would otherwise be a fairly pedestrian tune into a work of art. If it wasn't for him, I never would have heard of Billy Cobham or Elvin Jones, would probably still be a hard-hitting rock kid and maybe never came across this wonderful site!!! Furthermore, he's a very nice guy to boot, as I had the chance to meet him at Drumfest last Sunday (check out my myspace page on my profile for the pic, starstruck ain't the word!!!).
"Jazz isn't dead, it just smells a bit funny" - Jimmy Chamberlin
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