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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Originally Posted by TLee_fanatic21
Hey Steve, love the thread, its awsome to find all this stuff out about Tommy's kit.
Anyways, I'm a HUGE Tommy fan, went to see the Crue at Copps Coliseum back in march, there were absolutely amazing!!
Well I have more of a request than a question. I've looked at all the pics on the thread, but I still cant seem to find a good pic of how all the hardware is mounted, like I can't see how the ride stand is mounted on to the rack for instance. So I want to know if it would be possible for you to send me pics of the kit as your setting it up, because you see, I study some of the best kits in the world and how everything is set up, but i dont seem to know how its all set up for Tommy. So it would be great if you could send them to my e-mail,
Thanks, Mike.
P.S. Think it would be possible for me to get Tommy's kit for free once he decides to move on to a new kit for another tour?
Originally Posted by alfredomolina
hey steevo whats up man hey i was wondering if you have any more details about the supernova kit or any plans of motley crue planning.
Originally Posted by MrCowBell
Wow... this is an awesome thread. I just spent like the last 2 hours reading every post in detail. It's way cool that you're out here answering some ?'s.
1)First kind of a silly question/observation. I noticed on the DVD Tommy tries the rimshot/bounce a number of times and doesn't get it. That must have bummed him out. Anyway, I was at the show in Lincoln a few weeks back and the guy was just killer. I think I saw him try it like 10 times and caught every one. I noticed though that after every time he caught it he would look back over his left shoulder at something. What's he looking at? I noticed in the video you posted he does the same thing after catching it. Is he kind of razzing you whenever he gets it or what?
2)On the DW9000 pedals, is he playing them backwards? I've seen some guys do it one way and a few this way. Seems like his way gives the drum a little more kick and less boomy.
3)On the HiHat, is that a special rig without the legs or did you just take them off the stand?
4)Finally, I love the ashtray but where's the drink holder? I know it's there somewhere...
Originally Posted by drumer3914
hi steve, first of all Iam new to this site and man Iam blown away! secon a quick ? has Tommy ever considered producing a band or bands .and was wondering how often does tommy practice just on his own. thanks, k dog
Thanks to all you guys for the kind words!!! I had no idea about these new posts... I haven't checked up on the thread lately, I apologize. Here we go:

Mr. Fanatic- I will look through all my pics to see if I have any of me setting up that part of the kit so you can see the ride mount. It is a DW but has been cut VERY short to make it cleaner looking. No dice on the kit though my friend, sorry.

Alfredo- no new plans on the Supernova kit; we just started preproduction for the record. The Motley kit will stay the same for the upcoming show in July in Wisconsin.

MrCowBell- I'm glad you enjoyed reading the whole thread; that's alot of posts! :) I numbered your questions above to separate the answers. 1) The DVD was filmed very early in the tour last year; which contributed to the inconsistency in the flips. Tommy has settled in since then(as you saw at Copps) that he nows catches 99% of all tosses. The look he is giving afterwards is down towards me in drum world. We have sort of an inside joke about the stick flips, and all the ones he catches he either looks down at me, or at our pyro shooter on the opposite side. It's become quite an enjoyable part of the show for me. 2) Yes, the beaters are on the plastic side on the 9000. It gives the kick a little more attack. 3)It's a standard 9000 2-leg hi-hat stand that has had the legs taken off. 4) The drink holder is mounted on the far left rack leg, if you're looking at the kit from T's perspective.

drumer3914- Tommy has produced bands in the past; but currently he is fully involved in Supernova, etc. His practice schedule on the drums is really only when he's in the studio recording. He is involved in many other facets of the industry that prevents him from maintaining a regimental practice schedule.

Hope this answers all the questions!!!! Thanks again!
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