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Originally Posted by Zardoz
Eddie is definitely the most talented, while Michael Anthony.....well.....
Ok...jump into a fray with my first post...sheez. As I read through so many of these posts one thing becomes clear. A constant barrage of "technical playing" makes one a great drummer. In other words, if one isn't Neil Peart or Carl Palmer, you can forget about being considered great by certain types of folks. The style has to fit the music. Can you just hear Peart style drumming with Van Halen or AC/DC? It just won't work. That certainly doesn't mean AVH, Phil Rudd, or Eric Carr aren't exceptionally good drummers. They are. It's sorta like folks who argue about football statistics. Roger Staubach didn't have near the QB numbers that Danny White had with the Cowboys, but who would argue that White was a greater QB than Staubach? Same is true for musicians. Even bass players. As a long time bass player, I gotta say that Michael Anthony is a great player. While he might not slap and pop away like Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers, but he has some of the best bass fills of any rock bassist out there. And, yes, he was a major influence of mine.

Listen to the musician in context of the music and you can find greatness.
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