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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by bigbang
not saying that the session musicians are inferior(we all have to work)however it is written with the lowest common denominator in mind ..the average joe six-pack who would not understand anything more than four beats to the bar.As for buddy a man with that much raw talent could do anything he put his mind to , unfortunatly his ego was in the way most of the time.And i'm not sure but i think ther still might be a "scene" in a small town called los angeles........
I think the argument here was that Buddy indeed didn't put his mind to it, regardless of talent. His attempts at playing rock music were less than stellar, most likely because he afforded the style so little respect. That's hardly an excuse. It's sort of like a drunk driver saying that they shouldn't be judged as a drunk driver because they could have chosen to stay sober.

If you make a choice it's entirely fair for people to judge you by it. Buddy chose not to play rock or latin music well, and he never employed much in the way of the phrasing innovations from bebop or later jazz styles, so it's quite fair to say he wasn't particularly endowed as a stylistic chameleon. He was, nonetheless, a bloody great big band drummer. I think you're just letting your love of his playing get in the way of reality a little.

By your reasoning we should be praising Einstein as a pioneer in computer science. Sure, he never had much to do with it... but hell, he was a smart guy - he'd have been great if he'd tried!
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