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Originally Posted by aahznightsky
I've totaled three pairs of sticks so far on my new drumset since I got it, probably around two months back. Is that too often? I use vic firth 5B's, and I'm thinking I've trying Vater to see if they're more durable ... either their 5B or the Josh Freese signature

what do you think? Am I breaking (they don't actually break, they just fray and split to impossible-to-play degrees) these things too often and I should try tougher sticks? I know there was a thread a while back about vic firth losing quality and stuff ....

My sticks
I might have posted this before a long time ago, but use the Vic Firth 2B's or Metal N's (2B's that are an inch longer for more reach, which make it easier to move around the kit once you get used to them.)
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