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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Rasmus
age? 19
how long been playing? 11 years
origin of user name? My name
top 5 drummers? Ian Paice, Mike Portnoy, Carter Beauford, Horacio Hernandez, Cliff Almond (Not in any specific order).
make of drumkit? Tama Starclassic.
make of cymbal? Zildjian A-Custom, Wuhan Chinas.
where do you practice? At home, in my basement
are you in a band/s? Yes - It's called Paradigm (
covers or originals? Originals
what style of music? Prog. Rock (kind of Muse-inspired harmonies and technical passages and with a female singer - strong, tough voice).
favourite take out food? Italian.
country? Denmark
one really odd fact about yourself? I'm in love with Josť Feliciano's voice.... hm..
how did you start drumming? My interest in drums began when I heard Ian Paice's drumsolo on Made In Japan (Deep Purple). A year or so after hearing the record I bought my first drumset.