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Originally Posted by jarrod
Does any one think joey maybe a littel over rated ive herd so much about how he is the fastest but yet people like george kollias(nile) and pete sandoval (morbid angel) are alot faster than him but dont get eny glory and joey get lots, maybe its the masks?
The masks really don't have anything to do with Joey's overall talent on the drums. As I stated before, if you take all that away, he's just a drummer and he may not be the fastest but he is still a speed demon. And you're right, drummers like the one's you've mentioned really don't get much credit but perhaps that has something to do with the fact that most of the masses don't dive that deep into metal, therefore they don't ever hear those excellent drummers. They all possess a lot of talent, Joey is just more known for it because the bands he's in are listened to by more people.
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