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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Originally Posted by danielheier
Also - yeah, Mark Craney. I'm honestly still speechless - I hope you saw the Modern Drummer magazine feature about him. It has two wonderful articles - one by Robyn Flans with quotes from many drummers who knew Mark - and the other by Doane Perry (Jethro Tull) who was very close to Mark and it is a WONDERFUL read. I saw Mark play with Jean Luc Ponty and Gino Vanelli 9this was before I knew him) and he totally killed me. I learned a ton just by watching him. (Hi Mark - you are missed)
The MD article was simply amazing. One of the best articles I have ever read in my life. Sometime I should get a picture of one of Mark Craney's last kits he had. It is on display at a music store where I live cause Mark grew up here. It is a beautiful kit, plus it has a huge poster collage thing of Mark in the background, which is truly awesome! It has many pictures of him from his playing days in SF to his days with Vanelli, Ponty, Jethro Tull. Really cool![/quote]

This is so bizzarre!!!! I wrote the top paragraph a while ago, and then Daniel apparently wrote the second paragraph.. and they are both credited to him. that must be weird for Daniel! :D

So I'm in Ireland now on holiday with my wife and it is wonderful. Thanks to all of you who were able to come to one of the shows!!! Internet access is difficult at times, but I will continue to check in over the next two weeks until I get home.
Billy W
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