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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by bigbang
again i don't normally hollarback but absurd statements bother me .to say buddy rich did not have rock chops is the most rediculous thing i've heard yet,being as rock was in it's formative years in the fifties all things drums were borrowed from jazz.Buddy thought that rock was a lesser form of music (much like country music is today)and had no intrest in lowering himself to play it.but i'm sure if he did he would have taken great amusement in destroying john bonham in a drum battle.the thing is if buddy respected you as a player such as ed shaunessy he took it easy on you .If he did not he had no problem shameing you off the stage.arrogance YES.As far as bebop is concerned he did'nt care for the way that the bass drum was used to accentuate the time...but to think he could'nt do it is ludicris and ignorant.And to miss a cymbal here and there let he amoung us without sin cast the first stone!
Bold words, my friend. Bold words.
Buddy's attempts at playing rock music weren't really happening. God bless his soul, he's the greatest drummer who's ever lived, but he was centric on jazz. He never played amazing latin stuff, certainly his rock wasn't the most traditional grooving approach ever- because as you said, he felt that was an inferior form of music. However, you need to learn it in order to play it properly. In that respect, John Bohnam was a better player than Buddy. It's even cooler since JB respected many forms of music. Buddy respected only a few. As for country being considered inferior, I don't know if I should even lower myself with a reply but I will. The dudes playing in Nashville are some of the heaviest mothers on the planet. I don't like the style much, but country music is happening most of the time. Outside of NYC, you won't find a scene with better musicians.
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