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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Hey Steve,

Wow... this is an awesome thread. I just spent like the last 2 hours reading every post in detail. It's way cool that you're out here answering some ?'s.

First kind of a silly question/observation. I noticed on the DVD Tommy tries the rimshot/bounce a number of times and doesn't get it. That must have bummed him out. Anyway, I was at the show in Lincoln a few weeks back and the guy was just killer. I think I saw him try it like 10 times and caught every one. I noticed though that after every time he caught it he would look back over his left shoulder at something. What's he looking at? I noticed in the video you posted he does the same thing after catching it. Is he kind of razzing you whenever he gets it or what?

On the DW9000 pedals, is he playing them backwards? I've seen some guys do it one way and a few this way. Seems like his way gives the drum a little more kick and less boomy.

On the HiHat, is that a special rig without the legs or did you just take them off the stand?

Finally, I love the ashtray but where's the drink holder? I know it's there somewhere...

Later man!
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