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Default Re: Extensive Review of Resotune II

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Wow. That ringing endorsement should be worth at least a free unit. Better free ads couldn't be had.

I actually own the unit now.

$175? Well, I can officially certify that RESOTUNE II is The holy grail of drum tuners. This is an absolutely 'essential' piece of gear for me now, and that being the case, I can easily justify the $175 price as a bargain, no problemo. RTII is using sound, its producing the desired end result, its imposing that sound on the drum, its reading how the drum reacts to that sound then it gives you visual feedback on how to mechanically bring said drum into tune with that generated end result. Its simply brilliant.

The requirement to go around the head twice while clearing the lugs is an improvement I made over a year ago (in the software). I noticed while clearing the lugs I could sometimes get a stronger resonance different than the captured clear quality reference. I altered the software to track the level of the resonance coming back while adjusting lugs for clear and if the return is stronger make that the new clear quality reference. So first pass around captures the strongest clear quality reference, then the second pass around makes all the lugs agree with that.

I expected to go around twice anyway, just to check the work and before doing so I also expected there to be readjustments needed. Its perfectly normal to assume some changes as you go around the whole drum tweaking the lugs, its obvious there's going to be an effect across the pond so to speak. Once I did get around the second time and all was clear and in the green, there's that feeling of 'this is it', the feeling of accomplishment you actually got the head/drum in tune, scientifically measured in-tune, you then tap the head and go "OMFG, where have you been all my life RESOTUNE II !?"

As RTII gains popularity as an essential tuning tool, videos will start to appear more and more on the web. The 'holy grail of drum tuning' will not be hidden.

It seems like a cool tool, but I think it has one small flaw. You don't always get the best sound with every lug at the same pitch. Sometimes I need an "out of tune" lug or two, to get the sound I want. I think it was Buddy Rich, who fired one of his drum techs because he "removed the wrinkle" in his bass drum head. Just sayin'...

Here's a touch on what we 'think' we know about drum tuning, specifically- 'accurate' note tuning, and I'll use myself as an example. We know that we want, or let's say I think I want even tension on the rods/lugs to get to my perfect tuning, a strong emphasis is put on the mechanical feel of the tension rods and this needs be because that's what tensions/tunes the drum, but what RESOTUNE has shown me is that its 'not' all rods on deck, front and center, even tension. The emphasis has to be on sound, the sonic results of the tensioning, as human tuners I believe we (I know I was conditioned to) put a little bit too much emphasis on mechanics of lug turning, and this is mainly because we don't have a consistent sonic reference. RTII imposes an accurate sonic reference onto the drum systematically every time. The even tension gets the ship to port, but its RESOTUNE that gets the ship moored at the dock flawlessly every time.

I'll use a couple analogies here. You know a person who mixes paint at Home Depot, he starts with white paint as a base. You show him a color sample from your wall, he looks at it and says "I can match that." he's been doing this for years, he's the best at it. The master mixers end product looks great, you're pleased and you take the paint home and throw it up on your wall, it dries and you notice its not a a perfect match, its obviously different. Now imagine Home Depot takes delivery of a new machine that spectrally analyses the paint sample you bring in, the operator reads the numbers and mixes you some paint to match, you take it home and throw it on your wall, it dries and you say "Damn that's perfect!" You are the person tuning drums with all your experience and RESOTUNE II is the machine that gets it right each time.

You are working on an old skool V8 engine, you're an experienced mechanic, been doing this stuff since you were a kid. The timing is off, it needs adjusting and you're good enough to twist the distributor to get the engine to smooth out, but you'll never get it as accurate as you can with a timing light. You are the person tuning your drums with all your experience, RESOTUNE II is the timing light, it gets it TDC, or any desired variable 'right on'. The difference is noticeable. Now lets factor in those aforementioned 'sundry mechanical errors', mechanic may not be aware of a fact like one of his spark plug wires isn't 100%, or the condenser might not be 100%. If paint master starts with a base shade of white that he's not familiar with, its back to the learning stage again.

Crypto mechanical errors are present 'to some degree' in every situation, its called life in the material world, there's just no way around it. Consider now that RESOTUNE II ignores (actually works with) these ever present mechanical errors and you can better understand RTII's holy grail status.
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