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Does anyone know much about the electronics that he's using? It lists them in the Rhythm magazine article but I'm not too clear, since I know he used to use the Simmons (pads at least) gear, but I read on his website and various other places on the net that he was developing some new pads and gear. I read in the Rhythm article that he's using a Mac G5 for samples... what about the new pads? and brain? or is the G5 acting as a brain?

The guy's a total genius when it comes to his drumming, it really baffles me, but learning his songs has been a big step in both my own playing and my own writing, it's helped me no end. I play in a band playing what can only be described as "euro-metal" (think Arkangel/ early Caliban/ Heaven Shall Burn) but I really want this band to stand out so I'm trying to incorporate strange time sigs and rhythms and beats etc... I think it could work. I just want it to be something different and so far Danny Carey, besides Mike Portnoy (I'm not that big a fan of Dream Theater, the vocals put me off), has been the biggest influence on my playing. Fantastic!!

And, regarding 10,000 Days, I think it'll be a grower. It took me nearly 3 years to fully appreciate Lateralus, because I was still reeling from how good Aenima was when I got into that (admittedly, it wasn't until 1999 that I first got into Tool), now I fully appreciate Lateralus and I still pick it up and listen to Parabola or Ticks and Leeches or the title track, now I'll go through a similar process with 10,000 Days. There's obviously the really instant songs, like Vicarious, Jambi, The Pot, but I think it'll take a while to get into, say, Wings (Parts 1 and 2 together) and Rosetta Stoned and properly love them. Probably won't really get them until the next Tool record comes out.

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