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Default Re: Your Thoughts On Billy Cobham?

Originally Posted by jbc6

Here's the site:

Here's one of the quotes if you don't want to go there:

"He is a good drummer. However he'll never be one of the greats. There's a simple reason for this.

He ALWAYS is catching rims or his sticks. Even on studio recordings there's clicks and clacks all over.

If you can't play clean, then you shouldn't be trying to play so fast. There's a slew of drummers who play with as much speed, power and creativity who never catch a rim. Let alone multiple times in a given song, on record."

I'm not sure what to think!
Well think about this....

In Reply to this i simply have this to say........As for the RIM CLICKS...Cobham is the ONLY artist with enough respect for the drumset and integrity to INTENTIONALY leave them in!!!

ARE YOU KIDDING? Think about this, do you really think cobham with the amount of technique and CONTROL he posseses could not lay down a PERFECT track without a single stick click???

It's a bit sad to see this type of talk in a so called "Musicain" forum...far from.

It's hard for some people to see that these imperfections (stick clicks) are what MAKE these tracks perfect, UNIQUE and living.


Oaks, Out.
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