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Ok, this will be a two post deal.

Starting with Djembe's, Bongo's, and Conga's.

First pic is my good djembe, it is from the Ivory Coast. The head is damaged, but it is still playable, and has great tone. I got this from a garage sale.

Pics 2 and 3 are my beat up djembe, I got it free with my otehr djembe. It has crack in the side, the head is really beat up, and the strings would probally break if I tried to tighten the head.

4 is my LP Aspire bongos.

5 is my bongos I got from the same garage sale as the 2 djembes. The one head is a natural skin, that WASN'T SHAVEN. So it is a fur head. They are also pretty beat up.

6 is my LP Aspire Congas.
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