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A few points to ponder.

1) For me personally, Black Dog has the toughest timing to get right. One hell of a odd thing.

2) Bonzo's kit was like Buddy Rich's kit on steroids. Back in 1965, young drummers bought a kit to look and play like Buddy or Gene. Then, it was the fab-4 Ludwig kit. Zep hit, and the kit to have was that big-kick Bonzo kit. In the here and now, virtually all companies make a configuration to emulate this. Bonzo made vista-lite and green sparkle cool.

3)In an era of single-head toms, cardboard-box sounds, Bonzo lowered the boom. It was his time to move techtonic plates with that cavernous 26" kick drum, and his tom-punishing style. It was a far cry from the tippy-tap 4/4 rock and roll style of the 60's that so many Brit-invasion bands had, and American wannabe's did to. Imagine Zep with a drummer like Densmore from the doors, or the cat from Dave Clark 5. Ok, nevermind...I can't handle that image right now...

"Make me sound like John Bonham" Don Henley Eagles, 1976
"But you don't play like John Bonham" sound tech
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