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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by Lambo
I have to say, I think Ed was my favourite in that battle... Buddy repeats himself a bit too much. Just MHO.
I think I liked some things about Ed better,,,

Ed played a bigger kit with two kicks. Nothing wrong with Buddy's kit (except the inexplicable dual 16" floor toms, only one of which he ever used. The other was a towel rack.) But Ed showed more melodic possibilities, and tom work, not just snare-centric stuff.

He reads music and composes, and seemed to be a more versatile and sophisticated musician. I always wondered why his tom sizes were out of order. He explained it like he was playing a piano.

I like the sound of Ed's kit better. Buddy's sounded flat.

Ed seems like a more likeable guy.
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