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Default Re: drum mics

Lots of small clubs I've played, the P.A. is so strapped for power all you wanna do is pump the vocals thru it. Let the drums and guitars and drums set their own volume levels. Better situations might give you kick and snare mics, maybe 2 overheads. All depends on the gig. Are you playing 3 or 4 sets (all night) or just 1 (1hour slot). If you're just playin' an hour, you need to get on the stage, fire it up, and get off. Your first song is the sound check. Always best to go to the club you're gonna be playin' a week before the gig, just to see what the situation is. Do they have a soundman, or does the bartender take care of that too? Do they have mics there? Does the mixer have all channels working? Oh man, after a while, you'll think you've seen everything, and then something new happens. It's all cool. Have fun.
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