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Originally Posted by Pratt
hey, has anyone watched the yyz video on Neilīs page? its awsome, if you didnt, take a look!

go to it through
Cool!! must have taken a long time to finish...
I saw rush in september last year in Stockholm, Sweden.. First conert in sweden since the mid -eighties! And of course i`ve heard the albums and yes he plays alot like the albums when he plays live.. but still, it`s impossible to compare! i admire his technique. A human metronome!!
and i`ve also seen Dennis Chambers and i can`t really see how one can compare Chambers and Peart like a few did.. To me they are two completely different drummers. I have difficulties comparing two drummers in generall for that matter.. But maybe thats just me:)
By the way: excuse me if my english is not that good.. I`m from Sweden and i`m not use to write in english:)

Cool forum by the way!!
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