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I'm sure some of you are aware that Danny drums for another band full timeó the Pigmy Love Circus. This is some straight up in-your-face rock n' roll. Danny's drumming on their most recent album, "The Power of Beef" is very aggressive. In recent posts, Danny's potential as a rock drummer has been doubted. I suggest you all check out the Pigmys, and should any of you already know them, you know what I'm talking about. Go here:

As for 10,000 Days, I think it's another great album put out by Tool. Everyone's knocking it off because it's different. Everyone had way too much expectation for this album. Just listen through the whole thing and you'll realize it's another perfectly flowing album by these four musicians. It's beautifully crafted, and each band member experiments with new ideas: Adam with the voicebox, Maynard with his falsetto, Danny with his electronics, and Justin with his ever-complicated bass lines.
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