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Originally Posted by ___madworld
dont you think that he would be a lot better without the other two "percussionists" in slipknot?
I don't know, if he would be better without those two "percussionists" ..they are a part of the show, but I think your right, they play simple beats (if you can call it that?) and Joey just beat the hell out of those drums, so you can't really hear those two "percussionists" ..but still they are a part of the band, and in "The Blister Exists" they play snare drum in the middle of the song an d at the end of the song, and there they need them, they also sing backingvocals in "The Hertic Anthem" and many other songs, so they need them, I just think that the drums they bang on, is a part of the show!

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