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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

I've just joined. Answers to questions follow:

real name? Charles Stanford.
age? 28.
how long been playing? About 11 years, on and off.
origin of user name? I think I came up with it when I was advertising for other musicians to form a band. I wrote something like: "I'm a student of rhythm who likes to hit things."
top 5 drummers? That's difficult - only 5? Ok: Bill Bruford, Marko Timonen, Joey Baron, Jerry Marotta, N.U. Unruh.
make of drumkit? Patchwork: Tama, Ludwig, Pearl, unknown.
make of cymbal? Zildjian, Sabian, Wuhan.
where do you practice? In my apartment - very quietly, or on a practice head, when my schedule allows. Not very satisfying, and my technique is getting rusty.
are you in a band/s? Not at the moment. I've been in several before.
covers or originals? The band I was the most active in did both - started out with classic rock covers and added originals. I was also in a jazz trio that did standards, a lot of Bossa Nova, besides our experimental stuff.
what style of music? Besides the above-mentioned, I have worked with a few songwriters - mostly acoustic settings, except for the one I most recently worked with for over 2 years. His music was often complex and challenging, and I loved it. Someone once told me that I had an ironic, almost humorous style of drumming that she really enjoyed. That was during my deliberate-bursts-of-chaos stage.
favourite take out food? Beto's (popular Mexican chain in Utah) - chips with guacamole. Mmmmm!
country? USA.
one really odd fact about yourself? I like to make up languages.
how did you start drumming? I think Neil Peart was responsible. He also got me trying to write song lyrics, and one of these days I might actually produce something worth singing.