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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Originally Posted by largo61
Great drummer among us. But I would like to ask a question. What kind of hi-hat do you use? I think it is a 12''. Is it a mini hat or can I get a 14'' version? I love that clip of instructional video. It really helped me doing roles up and down the toms. And I discovered a problem in my technique while learning this. I am a lefty. But I do roles leading with my right hand. It complicates things a little.
Largo - that is wonderful! Some people need every little thing in a teaching instructional spelled out - which if you do, then others (like me) get bored.. So you can't win either way almost! :D But you GOT it - and even though I wasn't speaking directly about lefties, you put it together. Cheers!
I prefer smaller hats with pop music - I like the way "chirp" and yes, they are really quite a bit harder to control - especially in semi-open position. But I love them. Those are 10" recording series (since discontinued - story of my life!) in the DVD. There are a couple-places where I am mplaying 13" quickbeats too...
Lately I'm playing 11" prototypes (the best part of being an artist with a companyh is getting to play at their factory!:D) which are as loud as 14s, but still small and fast - very interesting combination.

To Rudy and all the others here who have said hello - THANKS!
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