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i play rimshots and crossticks all of the time and in 3 years ive broken 2 sticks! When i first started i had only one pair (vic Virth 5A's) i had them for 1 year and a half. I didnt go out and buy n ew sticks because i didnt feel the need to, i liked 5A's. Then after a year and a half one broke so i got another pair 4 months later one of the new sticks broke so for 1 week i was using one 5A from my old pair and one stick from the new pair then the tip broke in half one the old stick. Thats when i went out and tryed sticks. I ended up getting sum rock sticks which i dont use at all, (i only got them cause i was experimenting) the Steve Gadd Vic Virth sticks and a pair of Vater 7A's. I use the 7A's and the Gadd sticks all the time now. I've had them for a while now and they haven't broken chipped splintered or shown any sign they are weakening. A bit of the black laquar finish on the Gadd's is starting to wear off but thats it. Otherwise they're new.
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